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Welcome to Fab Empire! Your one stop shop for all things Flesh and Blood TCG related, news, strategies, deck analysis, tournament reports and more. 

Since the release of the game Flesh and Blood, and its first set Welcome to Rathe created by fellow kiwi James White and his team at Legend Story Studios in late 2019 the game has grown rapidly. From the World Premiere $1k tournament held in Auckland, New Zealand to The Calling $10ks held in the United States of America, Australia and back to The Calling $10k in Auckland the game has seen amazing growth. To see players old and new, from games past and present and to people new to TCG games come together and form communities dedicated to the game is what makes Flesh and Blood special.

Fab Empire was created to grow the game and its communities, to be a hub where people can get information, share new ideas, see the latest cards and get the cards they need to compete as well. Fab Empire strives to provide great customer service, swift postage, cards and merch at great prices.

Fab Empire will also be featuring content created from some of the top players from the community. Our content creators have featured in some of Flesh and Bloods major events over the last few months and the knowledge and experience they have will drive the game forward into the future.

Lastly coming up is the release of Flesh and Bloods second set Arcane Rising, set to release on 27th March 2020. In the build up to release we will be showing off each card spoiled by the community, we will try our best to link/credit the source of information posted (if we miss any credit please let us know) and hopefully have some guest analysis too.

Feedback and support is very much appreciated, if you have any questions, feature requests, article ideas and creators you want to hear from please get in touch.

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