Session Blood Interview with NZ Nats winner Matt Rogers!

by Fab Empire


Our friends over at the Seesion Blood Podcast have kindly allowes us to share their latest podcast where they interview the winner of the New Zealand National Championships Matt Rogers. Please give them a follow over at their Youtube Channel and check out their podcast on Spotify and Soundcloud for more Flesh and Blood content.

Session Blood Podcast interview with NZ Nats winner Matt Rogers!

In this episode we look back at the first NZ National Championship, joined by none other than the Champion himself: Matt "The Methodical" Rogers! Matt was kind enough to join us for the first 40 minutes and answer some questions regarding his deck choice, testing process, memorable moments and more! We round out the rest of the episode with a discussion of Kieran's tournament (ending in a 3rd place finish), including the inspiration behind the switch to playing Brute and the experience of playing a relatively unfamiliar class in a tournament setting.

NB: WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND KEEPING AN EYE OUT FOR THE FOLLOWING - Matt, in conjunction with his testing partners, will be releasing an in-depth 'deck tech' analysis of his tournament-winning Dash deck very soon! This will include high-level insights into the Mechanologist class that they gained during testing, including gameplay strategy and how to beat it. This will be extremely valuable information if you're looking to improve your game for future tournaments. We will be including a link to the video here once it is uploaded sometime this week, so be sure to check back in a few days!

Session Blood can also be found on Spotify and SoundCloud here:

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