Our first look at "Art of War" in Arcane Rising

Wow! After a slow reveal over at fabtcg.com its finally here. The first Majestic revealed in the new set Arcane Rising and its a powerful one.

Modal cards in other tcg games are really powerful, allowing the user to have flexibility, choosing which mode to use at the right time and situation. Art of War is going to go in a lot of decks, especially some of the current heroes in Welcome to Rathe. Being an instant allows it to not break combos in ninja and gives heroes like Brute another instant option like Bone head Barrier to boost the defense value of cards in your hand.

I think the best mode is actually the last one, the ability to draw cards in Flesh and Blood is really powerful as there are not many ways to do it. Drawing cards gets around the 4 card limitation and allows heroes to power out multiple cards via Go Again, Timesnap Potion and other ways to gain action points in the future.

Enlightened Strike has proven its self to be the best Majestic in Welcome to Rathe and i think this card gives it a run for its money.

So what do you think of this card? Let us know in the comments bellow and check back soon as we show off more cards from Arcane Rising as there revealed.

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