*Exclusive Crucible of War Spoiler!*

by Fab Empire


*Exclusive Crucible of War Spoiler from Cayle McCreath*


Seems like Guardian has taken a back seat lately whilst the Dash menace goes around dropping pistol shots like rat droppings.

Rumour has it the Guardians have grown tired of watching from the sidelines and are stepping back onto the battlefield to Stamp their Authority!

In conjuction with Fab Empire, we feel honoured to present you with today's Guardian preview card.

Stamp Authority


First thoughts.. Wow!!

As a Guardian player who likes to grind, what sticks out straight away is that this cost 3, pitches for 3 and defends 3.

Its ability to increase intellect is great turn one or in combination with one of my favourite cards.

A lot of Guardian play is about playing a massive attack from arsenal and ensuring they crush, this involves two things
- A big hand to be able to pay for the attack, dominate and buffs like pummel and sloggism.
- Most importantly being able to protect the card in arsenal until you draw the right cards to make that big play, being able to stop attack action card effects from triggering on hit is absolutely huge!


Can't wait to see what else Crucible of War has in store, releasing August 28, 2020

-Cayle McCreath


Cayle McCreath

Having made the Top 8 at The Calling Sydney and and a leading player in the rapidly growing competitive scene, Cayle is no stranger to this game. His insights into the mechanics and deeper workings of the game have been pivitol in the opening year of Flesh and Blood events.



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