COVID-19 and Arcane Rising Shipping Update

by Fab Empire

Due to restrictions by Legend Story Studios all Arcane Rising orders will be shipped out on Friday 27th March.

With regards to COVID-19, today the New Zealand Government ordered the closer of all non-essensial bussiness. is a home business so as long as the NZ Post is open we will continue to sell singles at this time. We will temporarily stop sealed product purchases for the next month due to our suppliers shuting down. 

There may be some delays with processing your order and also delays with shipping. If you chose to purchase with us please be aware of these delays. 

All orders will be cleaned with sanitizing wipes before shipping but it is advised to clean your packages when they arrive.

Again thank you to those that have brough from us in our first month and hopefully we can get through this hard time in one peice. 

Over the next few weeks we will try to bring you as much content as possible to keep everyone busy. things we have lined up include interviews with Top 8 Callling competitors, intro to Arcane Rising constructed, a look back atWelcome to Rathe and looking at the future of the game.


Thanks for the support and understanding.

Nic Andisen

Fab Empire


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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