Command and Conquer

by Fab Empire

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Card Merchant's Exclusive Spoiler

It is with great honour that Card Merchant present to you the second Generic Majestic of the set and god of Misteria it is a good one!

Behold, ‘Command and Conquer’ a 6 power juggernaut that just dares you to block :) With block 3, 6 power for 2 and two extremely relevant and game breaking abilities, Command and Conquer is going to be a force throughout many classes!

The rate on this card is just absurd, it’s a disable that is way harder to block and costs less than half the resources. I am in awe of the uses for this card and am already hoping for a hero that will help break it further. I have been putting Command and Conquer into so many deck builds I have at the moment.

Straight away I started brewing, given pursuit of knowledge is my other favourite card in the set it was very easy to put these together, add some pummels and lunging press and the dream of the utopian card advantage unveils before your eyes. What a time to be alive!!!

The most insane part about this card is pairing with attack reactions makes it completely backbreaking no matter what they chose to do. If you play this and attack and they only block the 6, you can simply cast any pump and there is almost nothing they can do. I believe only about 2 cards in the game (damage prevention cards) can interact at that point. When this hits, and it will, the momentum swing is going to be huge.

In terms of currently existing decks from the original hero’s I wonder if this could slot into warrior (with some reaction changes) because the way most opponents grab momentum back in the matchup is by placing unmovable in the arsenal, I would love to Command and Conquer, completely ruining their plan. In Bravo it certainly plays very well with pummel and in Ninja it’s a very strong 3rd attack to trigger mask but the deck would have to look a bit different to current ninja builds. Brute I can see it being ok but the biggest problem here is people take out there defence reactions against Brute and you want them to have a hand loaded with them. I can’t wait to see what other hero’s can utilise this. I can even see it pairing very well with Art of War in the right type of deck so at the moment the potential seems limitless.

A new set card that will play externally well with Command and Conquer is Pedal to the Metal which looks like it will just be a busted little combo. In this deck you will need to be careful to not play too many non-Mechanologist cards but Command is certainly worth the slot if you can dominate it. Will be interesting to see if a build can be made that is competitive and can give dominate consistently while still playing cards like lunging press to help push.

I hope Command and Conquer has excited you as much as it has me, I cannot wait to put together my Command and Pursuit deck chocked full of attack reactions ready to make massive game changing plays :D

Matt Rogers
Team Lunging Press
Card Merchant Ltd


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