Breaking Bravo in Blitz!

Our feature writer Cayle McCreath has been delving deep into the new Blitz! format announced recently by Legend Story Studios. In amongst testing for the Road to Nationals series Cayle has taken the time out to give us his first thoughts and an intro guide to deckbuilding in this new format. -(Nic-fabempire)


Breaking Bravo in Blitz!


A few weeks ago we found out that we had a new official format in Blitz! like everyone else I was intrigued by what the format would end up looking like and then wondered how much the 11 equipment would shake things up.

Had decided early on that I would want to play Guardian as its all I ever really play, but to build a competitive Guardian list I had to have an idea of what the format would look like and whether Guardian was actually viable.

Looking at the potential format we figured people would have to level out their 40 card builds, less defense reactions, more 0 cost generic attacks like Enlightened Strike / Scar for a Scar etc. We knew life gain would be a premium via cards like Sigil of Solace as gaining 15% of your starting life total for free on turn one is insane!

We knew the underplayed constructed decks like Ranger, Runeblade and Wizard would see more play as Ranger only having to deal 20 damage in a format with less defence reactions would be alot easier in Blitz! then constructed, same with Wizard opponents having to pay the price for not being able to side out defence reactions.

We then decided to build some decks and play a few games, what we found is that the decks played out a lot like the draft format but with some really, really powerful cards, and games generally came down to one big play.

After analysing the games we had played we had a fair idea what the format would look like and had to decide how I wanted to build my Guardian deck moving forward. After looking back through some previous decks I found an article on about the Guardian otk draft deck and figured I'd try to make it in Blitz!

I had a couple set rules when building the deck, it had to be able to do the following:

- Be able to pull off a one turn kill (otk)
- Had to have a solid back up plan.. Anothos!
- Had to maintain a high blue count as to actually pay for its high cost crush cards.
- Had to have a decent amount of defence reactions that would not cost me vs Wizard / Runeblade, hence blue staunch and unmovable.

What we have come up with is this

Hero: Bravo Showstopper

Equipment: 11
1 Anothos
1 Helm of Isens Peak
1 Arcanite Skullcap
1 Tectonic Plating
1 Goliath Gauntlet
1 Ironrot Gauntlet
1 Ironrot Legs
1 Nullrune Hood
1 Nullrune Robe
1 Nullrune Gloves
1 Nullrune Boots

Red: 13
2 Crippling Crush
2 Spinal Crush
1 Emerging Power
2 Pummel
2 Sigil of Solace
2 Fate Foreseen
2 Sink Below

Yellow: 3
2 Forged for War
1 Remembrance

Blue: 24
2 Cranial Crush
2 Disable
2 Debilitate
2 Buckling Blow
2 Cartilage Crush
2 Crush Confidence
2 Last Ditch Effort
1 Heart of Fyendal
2 Blessing of Deliverance
2 Show Time!
1 Sloggism
2 Staunch Response
2 Unmovable

The idea of this deck is simple, stay alive by defending aggressively and swing the hammer, save your equipment for your big turns, normally a Forged for War into Show Time!

Or the dream..


Emerging Power into Show Time! arsenaling Crippling Crush, using your equipment to defend so that you don't die, then using Goliath Gauntlet attacking for 16 with dominate with the Pummel / Sloggism making it a nice clean 20 to really go over the top!

Keen to see where people think I should take this build next, but just for reading this far I'd suggest keeping an eye on the this Thursday for a cheeky spoiler 😉

-Cayle McCreath

Cayle McCreath

Having made the Top 8 at The Calling Sydney and and a leading player in the rapidly growing competitive scene, Cayle is no stranger to this game. His insights into the mechanics and deeper workings of the game have been pivitol in the opening year of Flesh and Blood events.


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