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    Huge restock of WTR Alpha, ARC 1st Edition and Crucible of War 1st Edition
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  • How to come 9th: A road to becoming a ninja master.

    Finally ive finished my long awaited NZ Nationals report getting 9th place with Ninja! So many of you have asked for my decklist so hear it is with a full report to boot.
  • The First Dracai of Aether - A Blitz PTI report by Nick Holding

    Hello! My name is Nick Holding, a FAB player from Wellington, New Zealand and this past weekend I managed to win the Blitz PTI Qualifier at the New Zealand National Champs using Kano and was crowned as the first Dracai of Aether!
  • Session Blood Interview with NZ Nats winner Matt Rogers!

      Our friends over at the Seesion Blood Podcast have kindly allowes us to share their latest podcast where they interview the winner of the New Ze...
  • *Exclusive Crucible of War Spoiler!*

    In conjunction with the King of Guardian Cayle McCreath and Legend Story Studios Fab Empire is proud to present an exclusive Crucible of War spoiler!
  • Breaking Bravo in Blitz!

    Our feature writer Cayle McCreath has been delving deep into the new Blitz! format announced recently by Legend Story Studios. In amongst testing for the Road to Nationals series Cayle has taken the time out to give us his first thoughts and an intro guide to deckbuilding in this new format.
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  • Dash control and the power of command

    Check out Nic's take on a Dash Control deck and see why he thinks its a good choice moving forward.
  • Peacock Runeblade

    Top 8 competitor from the Constructed Auckland Calling $10k Jacob Pearson talks to us about his first take on Runeblade that he is trying out in the first online Tabletop Simulator League.